IRU is among the founders of a consortium of computer manufacturers created in Russia

The activities of ACO "VT" will aim at developing the industry, creating conditions for the formation of national champions.
09 april 2020

Leading Russian companies, developers, and manufacturers of computers have announced the creation of the ANCO "Consortium" Computer Engineering" (ANCO "VT") with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. The activities of ANCO "VT" will aim at developing the industry, creating conditions for the formation of national champions - companies that have already been able to prove in real market conditions the ability to independently develop competitive products and represent the country on a global level.

Also, the consortium's tasks will include protection of the interests of domestic developers of computer technology and the formation of conditions conducive to increasing their market share and the development of the industry as a whole, which is consistent with the implementation of the Development Strategy of the electronic industry of the Russian Federation for the period until 2030.

The founders of the new organization were PK Aquarius LLC, Business Office (iRU) LLC, Depot Electronics LLC, KNS GROUP LLC (YADRO), Kraftway Corporation PLC JSC, National Technologies LLC (part of the Concern "Automatics” of the state corporation Rostec). The companies Element LLC and Bulat LLC (also part of the Automatics concern of Rostec state corporation) supported the idea of creating ANCO "VT" and will soon be incorporated as founders.

The general director of ANCO "VT", Svetlana Legostaeva, explains: “The creation of a consortium was an important step for the formation of industrial associations of the radio-electronic industry, contributing to building effective interaction between the state, the business community, large customers, development institutions and scientific and educational organizations.”

Vasily Shpak, Director of the Department of Radioelectronic Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, said: “We welcome the joint efforts of the country's leading technology companies aimed at the joint development of the computing industry. I am sure that this will strengthen the position of leading companies in the domestic market in the conditions of free competition with foreign manufacturers and will contribute to the formation of national technological champions.”

IRU General Manager, Sergey Kochepasov, comments: “iRU has been operating since 2002, and is actively involved in the development of legislative initiatives affecting the IT industry. In the period of an active course on import substitution, in 2018 we launched high-tech production in the Russian Federation, which continues to develop dynamically and supplies the market with domestic IT products. We appreciate the help of the state represented by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation in support of domestic manufacturers of computer equipment. For example, government decisions No. 719 (on confirmation of industrial production in the territory of the Russian Federation) and No. 878 (on measures to stimulate the production of electronic products in the territory of the Russian Federation) were developed and began to operate effectively. Today, the day has come when the leading market players, regardless of their form of ownership, have united in the Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization to strengthen the position of domestic products in the Russian market, as well as to consolidate their capabilities for implementing the development strategy of the electronic industry of the Russian Federation.”

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