AnalyticsHub entered the TOP-30 of the largest Russian suppliers of data analysis solutions

AnalyticsHub took the 30th place in the ranking of “Largest Data Analysis Solution Providers in Russia 2019” prepared by CNews as part of the “Analytics 3.0 - 2020” review.
28 may 2020


The rating was prepared by CNews analysts based on the collected data on the financial results of Russian IT companies in 2019. AnalyticsHub was created in April 2019 and participated in the rating for the first time, providing data on the results of work for six months. Hitting immediately in the TOP 30 leaders confirms that the project team has chosen a promising direction for their business development.

Angelina Gurkina, CEO of AnalyticsHub (AnalyticsHub LLC):

“We are not new to the analytics market. The backbone of our team was Russian experts with many years of experience in a well-known American corporation that has been creating technologies for processing large amounts of data for more than 40 years. Once we realized that we wanted to create our own independent project, and we will offer Russian customers innovative products and services for comprehensive data analytics on its basis. We had the main thing as a start-up capital: unique expertise and competencies, professional contacts and access to the resources of our investor and partners. We managed to demonstrate significant results for the first year of the company’s existence, but we are not going to stop there. In the next few years, the company plans to take a leading position in the Russian data analytics market. It is very important for our team to participate in the digital agenda of economic development, especially in the current situation, and to promote our solutions in related segments, including artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain.”

The ranking "Largest Data Analysis Solution Providers in Russia 2019" is available here.

The review "Analytics 3.0 - 2020" is available here.

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