Analytics of the Russian IT market by ITResearch

A selection of articles: MFPs, printers, projectors, laptops, monitors.
03 july 2020


May sales of printing devices declined, but were better than last year...

According to the regular monthly report of the analytical company ITResearch in May, as earlier in April, the situation on the Russian market of printers and desktop MFPs was also significantly better than expected. And although the May sales were worse than the April ones and turned out to be the most modest ones since the beginning of the year (as, by the way, according to the seasonal factor), compared to May 2019, the market volume in units increased by almost 3%, amounting to about 133.5 thousand pieces. While tenders in the laser segment in April helped to avoid a bigger drop, positive dynamics in May (year to year) was ensured by inkjet devices, mainly MFPs, whose sales in units increased by almost 40%. And this happened, in particular, due to entry-level models, monochrome and portable inkjets.

May laptop market growth does not cease

According to the ITResearch analytical company, the Russian laptop market continued to show strong dynamics. Year-on-year growth amounted to almost 38% in physical terms. In total, 243 thousand devices were shipped to the second-level channel. This is only slightly less than in April. Nevertheless, according to the traditional season, the May market is much lower than the April one.

The Russian projector market failed to recover in May 2020.

According to the ITResearch analytical company, 4.1 thousand projectors worth about $6.5 million were sold in Russia in May 2020. Compared to April, the market grew by about 8.5% in units and a little more in money due to a slight increase in the weighted average cost of devices. The latter means that there were no significant changes in the sales structure, and the segment of the most mass devices is still as oppressed as possible. In annual terms, the April fall of almost 59% gave way to a fall of "only" by 30% in May. However, this is largely technical growth, since we are talking about a low comparison base: May 2019 was very unsuccessful, noticeably weaker than April and June 2019.

The Russian monitor market is on the mend

According to the ITResearch analytical company, in May 2020, 234 thousand monitors worth about 42 million dollars were sold in Russia. Compared to a failed April, the market grew by about 45% and almost equaled last year's May figures. The year-on-year decline in the top ten manufacturers amounted to only 1.8%, and if we take into account all other manufacturers, we can even talk about an integral growth of about 1%.

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