ACER and MERLION announce the exclusive start of sales of a line of computer accessories for office and home PCs

The companies have expanded their long-term cooperation.
01 september 2020

Acer, a leading computer equipment manufacturer, and MERLION, a Russian wide-profile distributor, have expanded their cooperation, successfully continuing for almost 15 years. MERLION received the right to exclusive sales of a new computer accessories series: computer mice, keyboards, and presenters. All new items are of high quality and can become excellent companions for work, study, and entertainment.

Wired mice have received precise optical sensors, a comfortable ergonomic shape, which will suit both right-handers and left-handers, and please with an excellent price/quality ratio. The line of wireless mice includes models with broad functionality and various designs, allowing customers to choose the optimal model for their needs.

Acer's wired and wireless keyboards have a modern look and minimalist design. If you wish, you have the opportunity to immediately choose a ready-made wireless keyboard and mouse set, and also buy a presenter for public speaking. The Acer Wireless Ergonomic Presenter works up to 30 meters away to be used in large meeting and conference rooms.

"During our cooperation, MERLION has established itself as a reliable partner. Therefore, the expansion of the assortment and exclusive distribution of new categories of goods under the Acer brand is a crucial step and a new stage in our interaction,” comments Dmitry Kravchenko, CEO of Acer in Russia.

“The Acer brand in our portfolio has been one of the most demanded ones by partners (both resellers and retailers) for many years,” says Tatiana Skokova, Director of MERLION's Wide-Profile Distribution Division. - As an official distributor of Acer, we have been successfully supplying a variety of product categories to the Russian market, such as laptops, tablets, computers, projectors, monitors for a long time. We are constantly engaged in sales development, actively promoting Acer products in the channel and on the Russian market, and we communicate all the vendor's initiatives to our partners. I am confident that we will be even more efficient and effective for both our partners and the vendor as an exclusive distributor of Acer computer accessories."

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