MERLION based on MyOffice technologies has launched a SaaS solution for the public sector

Free testing has been launched on the MerliOnCloud platform.
24 august 2020
MERLION based on MyOffice technologies has launched a SaaS solution for the public sector

MERLION offers to test MyOffice technologies on the MerliOnCloud platform for free. Clients will have the opportunity to use the domestic cloud office solution for collaborating with documents and email within three months. The service provides storage and processing of all data exclusively in the territory of the Russian Federation.

The solution of the leading Russian VAD distributor, MERLION company, and MyOffice company is intended for federal and regional government bodies that need to switch to remote work without serious investments in infrastructure modernization.

Users will be able to create and edit text and spreadsheet documents, work with email, calendar, and contacts. All cloud applications can be accessed from anywhere and at any time, regardless of device (including mobile) and platform.

The solution includes technical support services provided by the respective MerliOnCloud division. When going into commercial operation, MerliOnCloud can scale the solution to any number of workplaces.

MerliOnCloud's server facilities are located in modern Russian high-performance data centers that meet the highest information security requirements. Service users are given full control over their own data in the cloud using MyOffice technologies.

“We see a high demand for SaaS-service for working with documents and email. The MERLION solution helps to assess all the advantages of clouds at significantly lower costs, and also allows you to restore organization processes disrupted by remote work in the shortest possible time, helps to unite employees, increase efficiency and speed of work," said Armen Kocharov, Deputy General Director of MyOffice.

“Direct contracts with leading Russian developers of cloud solutions allow us to provide corporate customers with quality service and convenient tools for remote work that can be deployed within one business day. The advantage of the service is the ability to switch to MyOffice technology instantly. At the same time, working on the SaaS model turns out to be much more affordable - organizations do not need to purchase separate licenses and deploy them on their own server capacities, which will definitely reduce the infrastructure costs of customers," comments Dmitry Spiridonov, General Manager of MerliOnCloud.

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