POSITRONICA: store openings in September and October

Moscow, Mytishchi, Makhachkala, Kalmykia.
21 october 2020

Digest of POSITRONICA store openings in September and October.

  • The tenth store was launched in Moscow. The new POINT subdivision operates at the address: Bagrationovskiy pr., 7, building 3, Gorbushkin Dvor shopping center.
  • One more full-size store has been opened in Mytishchi in the Krasniy Kit shopping center. This store has become the 17th partner store opened under the POSITRONICA franchise.
  • A full-format store in Makhachkala changed its address and became even larger - 150 sq.m. The store was previously located at 63 Magomed Gadzhiev str. It is now at 28 Ali-Gadzhi Akushinsky Prt.
  • Eighteen stores were opened at once in the Republic of Kalmykia. Retail outlets are located both in Elista and nearby towns.

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