POSITRONICA summed up the results of the financial year 2020

The network showed an increase in turnover by 12%, and an average check rose by 40%.
01 april 2021

POSITRONICA Federal Network of Electronics and Home Appliance Stores summed up the results of the Fiscal Year 2020. Despite the pandemic and restrictions, the year turned out to be successful.

In the 2020 financial year, 133 stores were opened (POINT and POSITRONICA). The share of offline and online formats was approximately equal. At the moment, the total number of franchise outlets is about 300.

The project's revenue for the last year amounted to 14 billion rubles, maintaining the growth trend (+ 12% YtY). While the average check was 13,758 rubles, which is 40% more than last year's figures. This is due to a surge in purchasing activity during the quarantine period in the segment of laptops and office furniture, with an adjustment in the delivery method, due to the epidemiological situation, as well as with successful marketing campaigns.

The best-selling product groups in 2020 are Kitchen Appliances, Laptops and Computers, and Televisions and Audio Equipment. The top 10 brands this year are as follows: Acer, ASUS, Candy, Dell, HP, Lenovo, LG, SAMSUNG, Bureaucrat (in alphabetical order).

During the year, many improvements were made regarding the online store: the "Buy!" credit program was implemented together with Sberbank, as well as the system of personal recommendations. IT specialists also updated the site's search engine, making it possible to improve the user interface as a whole, and added extended product descriptions that will help the buyer learn more about the technical features of the product.

"Despite a difficult year for everyone, we were able not only to preserve our achievements but also to increase them. We did not stop working on attracting franchisees and improving the online store's work throughout the year. Thanks to the well-coordinated and persistent work of the management company, regional market leaders who have invaluable experience in their segments came to the project. In the new year, we also plan to work on increasing the number of stores in our network," commented Alexey Gribovsky, General Manager of the Positronica national network of electronics stores.

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