Merlion and Inferit IT vendor (Softline Group of Companies) have signed a distribution agreement

4 september 2023

Distributor partners now have access to components for deploying IT infrastructure from a Russian developer.

Inferit logo

Merlion and Inferit, a Russian manufacturer of computer equipment and infrastructure software for business and government customers, have signed a distribution agreement.

All the necessary components of a modern, high-performance, and reliable IT infrastructure are being developed under the Inferit brand.

Merlion partners now have access to the entire range of Inferit products: Inferit Technika computer and server equipment, Inferit Itman platform for IT infrastructure management, Inferit Cloudmaster software for multi-cloud infrastructure management, OS Inferit based on the Linux kernel, and AKB Barrier secure computer facilities.

Inferit creates products that are widely compatible with the current solutions of Russian and foreign vendors. It adopts a modular approach in the development and implementation of solutions to provide customers with fast start-up, the ability to flexibly expand functionality, and easy scaling.

Thus, Merlion has replenished its product portfolio with IT vendor solutions and expanded the category of import-substituting equipment and infrastructure software.

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