Merlion opens Russia for the AZZA brand

22 may 2024

The company has become the first Russian distributor of innovative computer housings and power supplies from a Taiwanese manufacturer.

azaza logo

Merlion and AZZA, the gaming brand of LinkWorld, one of the world's leading manufacturers of computer components, have signed a distribution agreement.  Merlion is the first in Russia to officially start delivering computer housings, power supplies, and AZZA coolers.

AZZA brand is globally recognized for its exceptional solutions featuring unique and impressive designs tailored for passionate gamers.  Their product lineup encompasses unconventional case designs, such as pyramidal, cubic, gull-wing panels, and even futuristic models that can be configured for vertical or horizontal installation. They also offer conventional case options.

The concept behind the AZZA brand is clear: "Call us bold, crazy, or innovative, but we always aim to exceed expectations.  We want you to join us and experience products that will truly delight you." AZZA products stand out from other brands due to their unique combination of unconventional shapes, glass, cast aluminum, and lighting.

"Not every advanced PC user in Russia is familiar with the AZZA brand.  Our goal is to introduce partners and consumers to the products, showcasing their uniqueness and attractiveness and explaining their capabilities.  AZZA casings, power supplies, and coolers will stand out on retail shelves and in online stores and will capture the attention of not only gamers," says Maria Medvedeva, Product Lead Manager of the Procurement Department at "System Components," Merlion. "The manufacturer ensures the top quality of its products, and we are committed to verifying this. We have initially selected a limited range of products to diversify the gaming component portfolio. With further assessment of demand, we aim to expand and make it a unique offering in the Russian IT distribution market."

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