NexTouch Upgraded Merlion to Master Distributor

1 november 2022

And it gave the company exclusive rights to implement its registry interactive panels for video walls.

NexTouch logo

Merlion and NexTouch, the largest Russian manufacturer of interactive equipment, computer equipment, software, hardware and software complexes, including those for people with disabilities, have signed a distribution agreement in March this year. They say that the vendor assigned Merlion the status of Master Distributor following a six-month cooperation and gave exclusive rights to implement NexTouch registry interactive solutions for video walls. The Master Distribution covers two panel configurations of the 55-inch NextPanel model.

The status of Master Distributor opens up many additional advantages for Merlion partners, including a priority in deliveries, a flexible pricing policy, the possibility of providing financial services, and support in preparing for projects and their implementation.

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