Key results of in 2020: entering the regions and increasing turnover three times year on year

MERLION B2B project celebrates its birthday: two years from the date of launch.
04 december 2020
Buroshop, an online store for corporate clients created by MERLION, celebrates two years since its launch. We would like to remind you that the project started on December 12, 2018.

In two years, the project has achieved high performance and recognition of corporate clients. The total revenue of the project for 2020 showed a threefold increase and reached almost a billion rubles. The average check in the chain decreased slightly and amounted to 56,000 rubles. The number of orders for the year increased by 143%. These indicators grew at the background of optimizing the online store, improving the user interface, and introducing an automated order management system for end consumers.

What happened in 2020

In 2020, Buroshop opened a regional office in St. Petersburg. This is the first regional office in the store's history, which served as a pilot project as the company plans to increase its presence in the regions.

The project also expanded its partner base. At the end of 2020, the online store already has about 2,000 partners, with a total product matrix of more than 30,000 items.

"In this difficult and responsible year, our company has directed all its resources to improve our online store's operation. We have improved the site's usability and developed projects that allow clients from large companies to place orders in automatic mode. Despite the limitations and the transfer of our main clients to remote work, we managed to grow in financial terms and increase our staff. For us, this is the main indicator that we are going in the right direction,"- project manager Pavel Sugrobov commented on the event.


The buroshop's plans for 2021 include leadership in the regional stationery market, increased online sales' share, development of a geographic presence, and expansion of the product offer.

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