New distributions received by MERLION and statuses from vendors

Mertech Equipment, Datalogic, ROOMY bots, Honeywell, Legrand, IQP Technology.
10 october 2020

MertechMERLION and Mertech Equipment®, a Korean commercial and banking equipment manufacturer, have signed a perpetual distribution agreement. The document's signing was MERLION's another step in developing this distribution direction, which MERLION began in 2018. The company's range includes more than 500 items of trade equipment in the following product groups:

  • trade, packing, and laboratory scales;
  • equipment for cash handling;
  • equipment for working with labeled products;
  • additional POS peripherals.

The equipment's scope is retail of all sizes, from large federal chains to small retail companies, logistics, warehouse control automation, and production at enterprises of all ownership forms.

sDatalogicMERLION has received the status of a silver partner of Datalogic, a world technology leader in the automatic data collection and production automation markets. The distribution status obtained by MERLION extends to the entire line of the vendor's equipment: embedded scanners for retail, hand-held scanners, data collection terminals, sensors, laser marking systems, light curtains, machine vision devices, embedded industrial scanners, RFID devices, OEM scanning modules.

CSBIMERLION and CSBI (Computer Systems for Business JSC), a Russian developer of IT solutions for commercial and public sectors, have signed a distribution agreement. In the status of an exclusive distributor, MERLION starts implementing a new RPA solution ROOMY bots, a complex for automating "manual" algorithmic processes using software robots, in October 2020. The solution application areas (for any medium and large business) can include finance, analytics & reporting, personnel management, legal affairs, IT infrastructure, marketing and sales, document flow, operational processes at the enterprise, support services. The product is designed to become an assistant and support in a continuous flow of routine, to be convenient to work with, flexible, and to allow you to manage it as the user sees fit.

Honeywell CorporationHoneywell Corporation, a world leader in data collection equipment production, has awarded MERLION, one of the Russian VAD market leaders, with a Silver partner status. The status extends to solutions by Honeywell Scanning & Mobility (HSM), a leading developer of laser and imaging technologies and one of the leaders in the production of equipment for data acquisition, such as protected mobile computers and barcode scanners, in the automatic identification market (AIDC).

LegrandMERLION and the French group Legrand, a global specialist in electrical and information systems for buildings, have signed a distribution agreement. As an official Legrand distributor in Russia, MERLION starts supplying the entire range of the vendor's products, including wiring accessories; power distribution solutions; building automation, comfort and safety systems; cable support systems; uninterruptible power supplies; equipment for data centers and much more. The signing of this agreement has become another planned step for MERLION  in entering the market of electrical equipment project distribution. So, in July 2020, it was announced that it had received the status of an official distributor of electrical and telecommunications products for IEK GROUP, one of the leading Russian manufacturers.

IQP Technology,MERLION and IQP Technology, a Russian information security developer, have signed a distribution agreement. The agreement entered into force on September 1, and its validity period is one year with a possibility of renewal. MERLION starts supplying software products of the SMAC line to its partners in the status of an official distributor of IQP Technology. One of them is SMAC - Zero Trust Platform, an automated zero-trust platform for protection, control, and administration of enterprise endpoints, which provides adequate protection against all types of threats. SMAC software blocks any threat before it occurs, monitoring every request to launch any file, thereby reducing the burden on endpoints and the information security department.

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